Caroline & Philip

Norrviken Gardens (Here!) in Båstad / Ceremony in Hovs Kyrka

Last fall, just before we went on our two month trip to Asia, I met up with Caroline and Philip in the south of Stockholm. We hit it off instantly and from that moment I knew that this would be something extra special. My heart got all warm and fluffy, and it was not the chocolate fudge cake I had for ‘fika’ that did it. No, it was these two. 

What you notice very fast with Caroline and Philip is the love they have for each other. It comes from every pore, every fiber in their body, with every look, every laugh – in everything they do, there’s love. Sometimes it’s so tangible that you feel like they should be left alone. But, being me, you just wiggle yourself in to that wonderful bubble and stay there. For 10 hours to be exact. There’s no personal space with a wedding photographer! 

Looking back, this day is definitely on my top list. We checked all the weather apps leading up to the day, again and again. The reports said that it would rain, a lot. And then they changed and spoke about sun behind clouds, and then the wedding day came. We woke up to the hottest day of the spring with a clear blue sky. So we had the couple, the weather and also – the location. If you are ever in Sweden, or if you are planning a wedding in the south of Sweden – make sure you consider Norrviken Gardens. It’s a wedding (and photographer’s) dream! The surroundings are amazing, the service is first class, the food is local. Norrviken usually books two years before so make sure you go there in time!

We ended this day with a burning sunset and amazing golden hour pictures. But the thing that makes this day so special to me, it’s not the weather, it’s not Norrviken, or the sunset – it’s (be prepared, a cliche is coming!) the love. 

Yes, I’m serious. I’m so inspired by these two, they met the first day of High School and after twelve years together the way they look at each other, the way they care for each other, how they talk to each other, and how they laugh together – makes everyone around them blush. You could notice the same thing from the friends and families, their speeches and the tears of joy – how they’ve been inspired and how Caroline and Philip affected their way of looking at love. Philip’s brother said:

– “My goal, and my wish is to love someone the way you two love each other.”


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