Mikaela & Jakob

Havsbadet Lysekil / Ceremony Lysekil Church / Lysekil, Sweden

At the end of the summer we got a last summer day in Lysekil together with Mikaela and Jakob. I fell for these two at the preshoot when we trespassed a (closed down) airfield. We we’re actually supposed to fly since Jakob is a pilot – but there was a storm coming so we decided to stay on the ground. This gave us pretty amazing photos with the dark clouds in the background. 

The wedding was held two weeks later on the coast of Lysekil, a gem on the west coast in Sweden. We had the best day possible – the setting of preparations was two small cabins with windows from floor to ceiling and filled with hairpray, makeup, champagne, bridesmaids and lots and lots of sequins. A couple of hours later we shot the perfect first look with the sun breaking through the clouds just in time for the first nervous kiss.

To all of this, add a old rokoko sofa, a large field, a abandoned train track, a dress from Zetterberg Couture and a fantastic set of friends and family and you have Mikaela and Jakobs wedding day!

I’ll carry this day with me forever.


…we wanted a fun party for us and for everyone involved. We wanted a party that we would all remember forever. We knew that we could spend huge amounts on things that wouldn’t last, like flowers, cake and food. But what we would bring from this day would be the feeling. And we wanted everything documented to help us remember the feeling.

So for us, it was pretty clear – we decided to prioritize a really good photographer and videographer.

We finally had time to look through the images and we are speechless – they are amazing! We could never have imagined that they would turn out so amazing! We love them!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mikaela & Jakob Borkmann


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